CESERSE is available to any group, whether religious or secular, wishing to spend time in Cuba. Given that its services are free to local people in need, international support allows the Center to continue to deliver its valuable services to vulnerable sectors of Cuban society.

The center is equipped to provide lodging facilities for groups of 8 to 28 people (2 to 7 people per room) for business meetings, workshops, special interest groups and recreational holidays. Its team is specialized in designing customized programs for visitors who desire to have direct contact with the day-to-day realities of Cuban society or simply want to relax in a warm, caring environment.

If you wish, our team at CESERSE will customize your stay in Varadero. Given our focus on religious work, and working with disadvantaged groups, tours related to these themes are easy for us to arrange and mutually enriching on both sides.
But given our ability to customize, our team can work with any ideas and interests your group may have. For example, depending upon your interests, we are able to organize:

  • cultural encounters, whether they be artistic interests or simply understanding Cuban culture;
  • recreational and educational tours, which may include ecological activities, visits to museums or pioneer campsites, participation in cultural activities, scuba diving, etc.;
  • exchanges with local groups who have an affinity with your organization;
  • health retreats, including massage sessions, special diets, ocean activities, etc.

If you have an idea of what you want, contact us to discuss you needs. We are open to doing whatever is within our means to cater to your wishes.

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